Advanced Hort can supply a range of handheld pens to measure your pH, conductivity and temperature. No matter which growing medium you’re using, our Bluelab pens will help you grow healthier plants, every single time.



    Advanced Hort can find and supply a range of handheld digital meters that measure the most important parameters for growing healthy plants. Measuring conductivity, pH and much more, our versatile Bluelab meters can be used in a variety of growing media. Discover your ideal Bluelab meter today.



    Monitors and controllers

    Advanced Hort’s range of Bluelab monitors and controllers will help you to continuously monitor and dose your reservoir, giving you complete peace of mind. Save time and effort with our Bluelab multi-parameter controllers and monitors so that you can focus on growing healthier plants, every single time.   


    Care, testing and maintenance

    Advanced Hort can supply and offer convenient and complete care kits so that you can clean, calibrate, and test your Bluelab probes on the go. Check out our range of Bluelab Probe Care Kits.  

    Replacement parts

    Looking for a replacement part for your Bluelab product? Advance Hort can supply replacement probes to spare power supplies and tubing, you’ll find everything you need in our online store. 



    Advanced Hort offers a selection of custom designed Bluelab accessories that can be used to optimise your growing setup and streamline the daily tasks of growing. Find what you need today. 

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