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Advanced Hort is proud to present its new Ellepot production centre right here in New Zealand. With the production centre having succeeded at producing its first 500,000 plugs delivered across New Zealand, into all markets, including native re-vegetation, forestry, pot and bedding, soft fruit (berries), fruit trees, tissue culture, hydroponics, and vegetables, we would like to now open this opportunity to you.
In the current market, we are seeing a trend towards less plastic waste. We regularly receive requests for products that are degradable in the environment without negative impacts. We are able to deliver on this, using internationally recognised degradable standards. To meet this requirement, we are working with the Ellepot system, which ticks all of these boxes. Ellepot has designed a full suite of machines, equipment, papers, membranes and trays to be able to assemble Ellepot paper pots from sizes 15mm to 120mm (6ml to more than 3.5L) in diameter. Ellepot offer a range of 16-18 propagation papers and membranes that have varying degrees of degradability from 6-8 weeks to over 12 months, to suit your crop type.
Through our production centre, we are able to offer you premade Ellepots from 20-80mm, prefilled ellebags as well as empty Ellebags (with sealed bases) for you to fill at your nursery in the larger 80mm, 100mm and 120mm sizes for your trials. 

With growing global labour shortages and an urgent need to reduce plastic waste, Advanced Hort want to help ease the load.

We can produce Ellepot Paper Pots loaded with your preferred growing medium, ready to plant. Further customisation is available through the choice of specially developed Ellepot papers tuned for forestry, flowers, landscape, vegetables and fruit and nuts. Ellepot Paper Pots are of course degradable which is better for our environment.

They also offer smarter propagation, which ensures healthier and faster root development, resulting in more uniform plants, improved crop timing and a reduction in plant shrinkage.

Air pruning is at the core of the Ellepot system. Nurseries that utilise Ellepots experienced healthy root tips growing out to the Ellepot paper, air pruning and then secondary and tertiary roots developing through branching even after months of being in the same Ellepot Tray. Through air pruning plants become more efficient in the use of available container volume, and as a result, many species can be grown in a smaller volume Ellepot. This smaller volume Ellepot has many additional benefits such as a reduction in substrate cost, more efficient use of available nursery propagation space, reduced transport cost and faster in-field transplanting amongst others with all of the root tips sitting at the edge of the pot waiting to fire off once transplanted.

Growers have reported faster root growth after transplanting and as the degradable Ellepots do not need to be removed at planting, transplant speed is greatly increased, and transplant shock is virtually eliminated. This results in reduced mortality rates and faster growth with natural root architecture giving the plants superior stability. This only strengthens the ongoing success of Ellepots over 30 years, showing that this technology can help you grow smarter too.


Advanced Hort are specialists in manufacturing customised Ellepot Paper Pots
Let us help reduce your labour costs and your carbon footprint today!

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