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Advanced Hort offers a wide range of services from system design, equipment supply, installation and system maintenance services.

Advanced Hort has experience working with growers, wholesalers, researchers, and global suppliers in New Zealand, Australia and abroad.

Advanced Hort has a proven history of advancing New Zealand’s plant production and food sustainability. Advanced Hort are invested in building the future of the New Zealand horticulture industry. Our focus is to ensure our horticultural customers are maximising their performance through Advanced Hort’s range of and access to innovative world class technology. 

Advanced Hort offers a wide range of service solutions from system design, equipment supply, installation, and system maintenance services. We offer tailored solutions that combine our extensive industry knowledge with the latest developments in global products and services. Our commitment to innovation and collaboration has seen us quickly become a key enabler to our customers success in New Zealand. 

Covering the entire country, at Advanced Hort, we’re invested in building the future of horticulture, and we want to make life for growers as easy and comfortable as possible, regardless of the size of productions they manage. We gauge our success by the level of success of our customers. Our biggest focus is to make sure that our industry in New Zealand is using the latest global technology available and staying at the forefront of innovation.  

We are setting the standard for precision horticulture.

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