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What we do

Advanced Hort offer innovative and integrated solutions for the horticulture industry. We know our customers each have specialised businesses with unique needs. Through years of experience, we have compiled an extensive catalogue of systems and products that will improve your business’ operations, productivity and efficiency.

 With global, industry leading supplier partners Advanced Hort can provide you with everything from turnkey solutions to critical spare parts. Advanced Hort delivers exactly what you need with quality and accuracy, with their “Calculated Design” approach.

Advanced Hort design specialist solutions for horticultural projects throughout New Zealand that meets the unique demands of each situation.

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Advanced Hort not only designs customised and integrated systems, but also source, build, install and commission a solution that will help you grow. Whether you are looking to improve.

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Advanced Hort can help you and your business grow by providing ongoing support, maintenance and consumables. Allowing you to get the most out of your inputs.

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Advanced Hort have been serving the New Zealand horticulture industry for several years.

Case Studies

"It has been amazing to deal with Advanced Hort.”