Automation and labour-saving equipment will reduce your labour costs by reducing repetitive tasks, allow for better utilisation of space and increase your production capabilities, resulting in a greater profit and faster growth for your business.

  • Side Shift & Fixed Benching

    Advanced Hort offers three different bench types. Fixed benches, Side-Shifting benches, and Mobile benches. In the last 30 years, the basic principles of mobile benches have evolved to a well-tested and proven concept.


  • Ebb & Flood Bench Tops

    Ebb and flood benches offer the greatest and most uniform watering system available while improving ergonomics and OH&S compliance. Ebb and flood benches are very common in Europe and could be of great benefit to your bottom line.


  • Priva FS Performance

    With the Priva FS Performance management information system, you can set up an accurate production forecast. Naturally, you can adjust the labour schedule accordingly. This not only saves money but is also more convenient. In this way, you have a handle on every process in your company.

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