Each nursery possesses its own challenges, and Advanced Hort can help you select, design, and install the appropriate systems you need to keep your business operating at its highest capacity.


Berries and soft fruits have varying needs, depending on many factors. We can design crop-specific solutions to maximise the quality and yield of your plants. At Advanced Hort, we have the experience and horticultural expertise to ensure the plants, from strawberries to raspberries to blueberries, get everything they need without any of the surplus.


Hydroponics, particularly when utilised for vegetable cultivation, is an incredibly efficient and increasingly popular growing method. Advanced Hort have been involved with these systems for several years, so know how best to integrate global-leading technology from our supply partners.


Successful cannabis cultivation is best achieved with a combination of precise climate control and irrigation systems. We can produce the ideal systems to create the optimum growing environment, therefore achieving the very best from this unique crop.


Horticultural research and development facilities pose many challenges. Adaptability and being able to make changes to your processes can be crucial to get the most out of your projects. In an environment where accurate outcomes are key, the precision and adjustability of the custom designed systems from Advanced Hort can take your research to the next level.


Whilst many generally think of state-of-the-art irrigation systems are for indoor cultivation, these exact same principles can be applied to in-ground crops also. Drip irrigation has long been regarded as the most effective and efficient, both in terms of cost and performance. Advanced Hort can design systems on any scale for any crop, from a 50-tree orchard to a 50-hectare vineyard.


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