With Ellepot you can grow smarter.

Advanced Hort design, develop, and manufacture high-quality propagation systems consisting of patented technologies in machines, propagation trays, and environmentally friendly paper.

With Ellepot you can grow smarter by optimizing your Production, Saving Money, and Minimizing Plastic. Our Ellepot integrated propagation system consists of specially designed machines and propagation trays, and specially developed paper for paper pots, and as part of our integrated solution. Our customers are adapting to current and future market demands of smarter and more efficient ways of working in nurseries and beyond.

The Ellepot Propagation System is the smarter way to propagate. With our Advanced Hort system, you can produce Ellepots and stop using conventional plastic pots. All system orders are customized to your specific production needs, and we provide worldwide installation, training, and service.

Ellepot is one integrated propagation system.

Highly reliable and flexible, the Ellepot system can be customized to suit your exact needs regarding output, pot and tray sizes, and soil mixes.


- Reliable production

- Customizable and flexible

- Worldwide 24/7 service setup

- Day-to-day delivery on spare parts

- Automation 

Ensures healthier and faster root development, with more uniform plants while improving crop timing and reducing plant shrink.


- Faster and healthier root development

- Shorter production cycle

- Increased wet/dry cycles

- Reduced plant shrink

- Higher uniformity of plants

Significantly reduces logistics and labour costs through easier and faster transplanting, eliminates transplant shock, and increases plant quality, health, and structure.


- Easy patching and sorting

- Faster transplanting and handling

- Cost and logistics savings

- No transplant shock

- Automation

- Labor savings

- Easier packing/shipping

Because Ellepots are made from environmentally friendly paper, you and your customers will enjoy the benefits of a fully sustainable solution, better propagation and smoother transplanting resulting in stronger, more uniform plants for sale.


- Green and environmentally friendly solution

- Plant directly in the soil 

- No removal of plastic bags

- Higher yields/higher survival rates

- Uniformity of plants

- Higher quality end-product 


Ellepot Paper

With the environmentally friendly and degradable Ellepot paper you will experience a number of benefits, which will help you grow your crops faster and healthier.

Ellepot Trays

With the unique Ellepot trays, we offer you a wide range of specially developed Ellepot trays designed to give optimal air circulation and drainage.

Ellepot Services

With our worldwide Ellepot service setup, you can be sure to have us nearby if there is an urgent need for day-to-day service or spare part delivery.  

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