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Nathan Hewson, Managing Director

"Plants and technology have always been a passion of mine, so working in the industry and bringing customers value has allowed me to follow my passion.

With a Lincoln University bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science and Honours degree in Plant Science, Nathan’s approach always considers not only the best design from an engineering point of view but also from an agronomist perspective.

He is responsible for day-to-day operations of Advanced Hort which includes overseeing system design and recommendations for all New Zealand enquiries as well as business development. 

Nathan has been involved in several major horticultural projects, from design through to commission, across New Zealand, Australia and Saudi Arabia and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. ​​ 

When Nathan isn't busy at work you will find him fishing or exploring New Zealand. Nathan also has an interest in BBQ'ing and homebrew.

Mads Madsen, Field Service Technician

Mads is Advance Hort’s Service technician and is responsible for project installation, daily service, and maintenance on existing equipment throughout New Zealand.  

Mads provides professional installations and has experience in servicing equipment overseas for our key supplier partners. Mads has extensive automation experience being involved in mechanical projects around the world including building a Sea Installer and Sea Challenger -which at the time were the most automated Windmill installation ships. Mads has installed Ellepot machines in the Asia Pacific region and throughout Europe. Mads has serviced oilfields in northern Canada on the ice, and in the Amazon through Venezuela and Columbia.

With a background as an Automation Technician trained in the Royal Danish Navy, where he worked as Electrician, Motorman, and weapons technician, he has a broad knowledge of different technical disciplines. Mads is highly valued at Advanced Hort and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience which we know our customers will highly value.

After work Mads enjoys following American Football - after a 20-year career in both amateur and pro leagues and enjoys touring the beautiful country of New Zealand. Mads is also well accustomed and known to fire up his custom-built trailer smoker.

Emry Thomas, Operations Coordinator

“My current plans for future development are mainly in the areas of looking for and working on ways to create less waste for a cleaner environment and increase production through more efficient use of resources such as energy, water and nutrients.”

In his role as Operations Coordinator for Advanced Hort, Emyr is responsible for managing the everyday processes of the business.  

This includes logistics, inventory control and account management. With an engineering background, Emyr applies his technical knowledge to this position. Previously gaining multiple years of experience working within software development in the United Kingdom and Australia, his understanding and passion for horticulture stemmed from spending over a year at a kiwifruit research facility in New Zealand.

Outside of working hours, Emyr is an experienced surfer, so you will find him surfing waves across the North Island’s beaches. He also commits a good portion of his spare time to hiking some of New Zealand’s world-renowned trail systems.

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