Advance Hort can supply and offer the DryGair product range for all applications. DryGair has been leading the horticulture humidity control market, specializing in dehumidification and humidity monitoring. Established in 2010 to design, develop and market an efficient and environmentally friendly dehumidification solution for horticultural projects.

    The DryGair solution was developed to address growers’ needs to reduce energy consumption and costs and improve the environmental footprint of the horticulture sector.

    Sustainability is one of the leading values behind DryGair, providing one of the most effective means to reduce energy consumption in horticulture. Addressing environmental issues is a major part of DryGair’s mission. Like Advanced Hort we work constantly to improve and maintain high ESG factors.

    Combining Advanced Hort expertise and DryGair’s horticultural and engineering knowledge are infused into DryGair’s top of the line products, which are built with the highest manufacturing standards.

    Growers can substantially reduce energy consumption, by cutting the need for heating and ventilating. It also helps prevent common diseases, improves crop quality, yields, and reduces CO2 waste. Advanced Hort provides a key element in climate control, giving growers much more than just humidity control.

    Our product range include:

      1. DG-12
        1. DG-12 Standard
        2. DG-12 Split
    1. DG-12 Heating & Cooling Split
    1. DG-6
      1. DG-6 Standard
      2. DG-6 Split
    1. DG-6 Heating & Cooling Split
    1. DG-X
      1. DG-X 50Hz
      2. DG-13 Warm Climate

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