Designed for Indoor and Small Greenhouses, Compact Design, Powerful and Efficient Humidity Control, Patented Air Circulation

Our new DG-X dedicated to indoor grow rooms, drying rooms, and small greenhouses. This compact unit is designed to handle the dynamic conditions of indoor growing facilities, such as grow lights turning on and off, and fluctuating temperatures; it is engineered to provide optimal water extraction under these conditions.

The unit is small and cube-shaped and includes an adjustable hood, configurable for center or corner placement, as well as adjustable height. It can also be easily hung or wheeled, allowing for extremely flexible placement options and space management.

DG-X features all the advantages our larger dehumidifiers offer, in a smaller package.

DryGair dehumidifiers are designed by a team of agronomists and climate engineers to address humidity, specifically in cultivation settings. Our team also assists every single grower in choosing the best solution for their unique facility and environment. DryGair is manufactured to uphold the highest standard and comply with GMP regulations. DG-X comes in 2 variations (50 Hz and 60 Hz), to accommodate growers worldwide.

DG-X Features

  • Air Circulation: 360° air dispersal for climate uniformity.
  • Remote Control & Display: The unit comes with a remote control and external display for easy access and configuration.
  • Compact: Small units, designed for maximum space efficiency in small growing facilities.
  • Adjustable Hood: Adjust the height of the air distribution module and add or remove side panels to allow for center or corner positioning.
  • Easy to Clean - GMP Compliance: Units with removable drainage tray and easy access for cleaning, allow growers to fully comply with GMP requirements.
  • Designed for Indoor: Units designed for indoor use are engineered for optimal performance under common grow room conditions of 27°C and 60% relative humidity.

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