Ellepot, the developer of reliable and certified integrated propagation systems, are winning favour in nations at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, and technological advancement.

Danish company Ellepot has provided a high-quality paper pot system for nearly three decades, bringing customised solutions to the horticultural industry globally. In recent years, the advancement of hydroponic farming has been accelerating, and Ellepot has gained traction among both existing and newly constructed hydroponic farms across the Northern hemisphere, supplying customised Ellepot systems in Iceland, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania and the USA. Ellepot systems for hydroponics are also in operation in Malaysia, Phillipines, South Korea and Singapore with the first hydroponic-specific system to be installed in Australia in August 2022.

STRONG ROOTS AND FAST GROWTH (WITH NO NET POTS) –  The specially developed degradable Ellepot paper stabilises your growing media and allows the roots to penetrate from all sides of the Ellepot. Along with ample access to water and nutrients, growers who use Ellepots for hydroponics are experiencing stronger and faster root growth which stabilises the plug as the degradable paper pot slowly disintegrates.

PRODUCTION AND PLASTIC SAVINGS – In addition to using degradable paper and strong root systems to stabilise your growing media, another significant benefit to using Ellepots is the elimination of the plastic net pot and subsequent post harvest waste. Many retailers are looking to cut back on plastics to achieve an improved environmental footprint. In Finland, for instance, supermarket giant LIDL only stocks Ellepot grown herbs.

GROWING MEDIA FLEXIBILITY – Using the Ellepot System allows growers to use the substrate of their choice, increasing operation flexibility. Growers are not limited to a single substrate type, and can choose the best substrate mix for their growing system and use locally sourced soil-less substrates to further reduce their environmental footprint. Using Ellepots also offers other benefits, such as the ability to supply organic crops when using the Ellepot Organic 2.0 paper.

FRESH POTS AT HAND – Having your own Ellepot machine and on-site production enables you to produce fresh pots as and when needed, without having to rely on specific delivery or order schedules for imported pre-made pots.

AUTOMATION INCREASES FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY – Machine automation is hugely beneficial where labour is either very expensive, less available, or could be more efficiently utilised elsewhere. With the Ellepot System, automation helps the producer achieve a reliable production setup where costs are controlled, keeping prices down.

The Ellepot System for hydroponic propagation allows growers to reduce reliance on plastic net pots, achieve multiple production savings and improve waste handling and logistics, all while growing an improved product.  Ask your seedling supplier for seedlings grown in the Ellepot system to start seeing the benefits in your business.

To find out how the Ellepot paper pot system could benefit your business, get in contact with Ellepot’s New Zealand partner Nathan Hewson from Advanced Hort at Nathan.Hewson@advancedhort.co.nz or Darran Stone from Ellepot at dst@ellepot.dk

Visit www.ellepot.dk for more information.